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Seal One shoulder bag spiral night ride model (PS-250LU)


Item Description

Unique and overwhelming features and special specifications that make it safe to move at night.

In a one-shoulder bag with an overwhelming spiral shape that is not found anywhere else, a "Night Ride Model" that makes it safe to move at night is now available in a limited quantity! A special fastener that uses "N Luminova", which has 10 times the afterglow brightness and initial brightness of the conventional product, enhances visibility from behind. The popular form of the one-shoulder bag remains the same. It is an excellent item that can be easily used by inserting mobile devices and small items such as when riding a bicycle, and protects the contents even in the event of sudden heavy rain. This body bag reduces CO2 by about 720g per bag.


Model number : PS-250LU
size : W230 × H380 × D120mm
capacity : 9L
weight : Approximately 480g
spec : N Luminous phosphorescent fastener
* The emission brightness becomes weaker with the passage of time.
* Brightness and light emission time vary depending on the surrounding conditions.
material : Tire tube / nylon
Country of origin : Japan
CO2 reduction : Approximately 720g




Features - Recommended points of this product

It glows smartly in the dark.

A special fastener that uses "N Luminova", which has 10 times the normal afterglow brightness and initial brightness, makes bicycles and motorcycles at night safer, and the unique S-shaped line is casually smart on the back. 

The popular SPIRAL form remains the same

While maintaining the unique spiral form that has an overwhelming presence and storage capacity, this model is entirely finished with tire tubes.

SEAL original engraving

High-quality engraved caulking is used for the metal fittings. It is a design that blends comfortably into chic fashion as well as casual wear.

Functionality with attention to detail

Convenient adjust fastener to take out the contents from the outside. For everyday use, the belt can be kept closed, and in case of emergency, it can be removed to make it fully open.

Tough body

The entire surface is covered with a tire tube, so you don't have to worry about a little rain. It is also resistant to dirt and scratches and can be used habitually for a long time.

A buffer is used on the back.

It can be used without stress due to the buffering agent on the back. The flexibility of the tire tube fits snugly on the body. I don't mind even while exercising.

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