About SEAL

SEAL Recycling concept & made in Japan standard

SEAL is the brand building upon the conception of our responsibility to protect the environment by "Recycling"

SEAL inner tube Recycled concept

To materialize the spirit of environmentally friendliness, we develop a variety range of bags and accessories by making use of the highly sustainable "tire tubes of large vehicles and trucks". As it is, each one is therefore unique in pattern and originality in texture. These endurable yet stylish bags are specially designed for those who love the world and enjoy having very unique items different from others.

SEAL® focus on making the best feasible use of tire materials and on creating bag designs, which reflect its unique character.

SEAL - Made in Japan High Quality standard

Each seal bag is hand-sewed by highly trained and skillful Japanese craftsman. The hand made in Japan quality is embodied in every product of SEAL® which stands for good quality and high standards. The culmination of Handmade-in-Japan quality is identical to the craftsmanship of SEAL®.
High quality SEAL Tire Tube Bags