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SEAL x Fujikura Koso Collaboration / One Shoulder Bag spiral AIR MODEL (FS-018)


SEAL x Fujikura Parachute Koso collaboration

The one-shoulder bag Fujikura Koso collaboration model with a spiral shape with overwhelming features that no other.

Introducing a super lightweight one-shoulder bag using the same material used by the Self-Defense Forces, "Fujikura Parachute". A very thin and lightweight parachute material is bonded by domestic craftsmen and further quilted. The result is a lightweight one-shoulder bag that weighs about 300g, while remaining strong and resistant to water. The smart design of the one-shoulder bag and the storage capacity that can hold a shirt or book are enough for everyday use and even a short trip. Since there is a cushion on the back, the stress at the time of specification can be reduced to the maximum. It has a lot of functional features such as a mobile pocket inside and an open pocket that can also hold a map. This Fujikura Kouso collaboration / one shoulder bag spiral AIR MODEL reduces CO2 of about 630g per unit.

Spec: Waterproof zipper closure /Inner pocket for small items / Water repellent / Adjustable strap can be hooked on bottom left or right / Decorated with a signature shackle 
Material: Tire Tube / Fujikura Parachute fabric / leather
Dimensions: W230 x H380 x D120 mm
Capacity: 9L
Weight: 300g
CO2 reduction: Around 630g
Origin: Made in Japan




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