Fujikura Parachute Collaboration / Sakosh Bag AIR MODEL L (FS-014)


Item Description

L size of a sacoche bag that is light enough to forget to have.
A large L size is now available in an ultra-lightweight sacoche bag of about 200g, which is made by quilting "Fujikura Parachute"! B5 size notebooks and long wallets can be easily stored. While improving the specifications with a larger size, the weight remains unchanged at 200g. We have realized a light sacoche bag that you will forget to have. This Fujikura Parachute collaboration / sacoche bag AIR MODEL L reduces CO2 by about 210g per piece.


Model number : FS-014
Size (outer dimensions) : W320 × H230 × D10mm
weight : Approximately 200g
spec : External: Zipper pocket x 1
External: Tube belt x 1
: Internal: Open pocket x 2 / Zipper pocket x 1
material : Fujikura Parachute / Tire Tube / Leather
Country of origin : Japan
CO2 reduction : Approximately 210g




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Light sacoche that you will forget to have

An ultra-lightweight sacoche bag weighing approximately 200g, which is made by bonding a very thin and lightweight parachute material by a domestic craftsman and then quilting it.

External pocket that can be taken out quickly

The zipper pocket attached to the back is a large and easy-to-use size. Ideal for storing long wallets and smartphones.


B5 size can be stored easily

B5 size notebooks and large long wallets can be stored with plenty of room. Sakosh is perfect for a holiday outing.

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