SEAL x FUJIKURA Parachute Waist Body Bag AIR MODEL (FS-016)


Item Description

A light and durable waist body bag that you will forget to have.
Introducing an ultra-lightweight waist body bag of about 180g that is quilted from "Fujikura Parachute"! A very lightweight and durable parachute material, which is also used by the Self-Defense Forces, is used to create a waist body bag that weighs about 180g and is light enough to be forgotten. In addition, domestic high-quality SEAL original jacquard tape is used for the shoulders. Tires, waterproof fasteners, and Fujikura fabrics provide outstanding waterproof performance and durability to protect your important luggage. This Fujikura Parachute collaboration / waist body bag AIR MODEL reduces CO2 by about 380g per piece.


Model number : FS-016
Size (outer dimensions) : W300 × H170 × D100mm
capacity : 5L
weight : Approximately 180g
material : Fujikura Parachute / Tire Tube / Leather
Country of origin : Japan
CO2 reduction : Approximately 380g





Feature - Recommended points of this product


Weighs only 180g!

Approximately 180g ultra-lightweight waist body bag made by quilting "Fujikura Parachute".


Convenient split strap

The shoulder is a split strap specification that is easy to put on and take off. It can be attached and detached without stress.

Jacquard tape made in Japan

Uses SEAL original jacquard tape. It is a high quality made in Japan product.


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