HoHoHo...Merry Sustainable Christmas!

December 06, 2018

SEAL Merry Sustainable Christmas

We all love Christmas. But unfortunately, it can bring disastrous damages to our earth: over-purchasing, over-wrapped gifts, unconsumed foods or overnight Christmas decorations lighting on. Christmas doesn’t have to be a burden to our environment and planet. Starting from this year, paying more efforts and actions to have a green Christmas.

Here are some ideas to help celebrating the season while caring for the earth at the same time:-

Buy smart in Christmas - SEAL Brand Recycled inner tube bags

Buy Less & Buy Smart

  • Plan ahead and make a list to organize what you need to buy for Christmas first. It can help to reduce unnecessary purchases.
  • Bringing your own shopping bags/ reusable food container during the Christmas purchases, say No to single-use plastic bags or container.
  • Trying to pick a gift, Christmas decorations, other appliances or food with less packaging.
  • Picking gifts made of recycled materials is also a good idea. It is not only helping to reduce the waste steam but also advocating the recycling concept to your family and friends.

Cook what you can eat

  • Every year, millions tons of food are wasted. Spend few minute to plan ahead. Plan what you need and cook what you can eat.
  • Transforming leftovers can be a great way to create new meals, save money and cut waste. If you have too many leftovers, why not donate some to an elderly neighbor, local food bank.

Gift Smart - SEAL Brand Recycled Inner tube Bag

Gift in green

  • Buy recycling wrapping or wrap with other alternatives. Avoid to use those fancy wrapping paper which contains dye, lamination and other additives as they are unable to recycle.
  • Unbox the gift carefully and try not tear up the wrapping paper. Both ribbon and gift paper can be stored and reused.
  • Many wrapping ways which are cost-free yet staying attractive. Newspaper, posters, maps are good alternatives to impress your friends and family with your creativity.
  • If you received something you really don’t need. Re-gifting makes perfect sense and passing it to someone who need. Please remember to do it with care without hurting anyone’s feeling- either the original giver’s or the new recipient’s.


  • LED lights is always a good option to decorate your house and Christmas tree. LED lights use about 80-90% less energy than tradition light bulbs.
  • Don’t forget to turn off your tree lights and outdoor house decorative lighting when going outing or going to bed.

There are many other ways you can do to enjoy a green and sustainable Christmas.
Share your own tips with us now. Let’s enjoy the festive season without costing the Earth.

HoHoHo....Still have no idea about the Christmas gift?
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