A Day in SEAL's Tokyo Factory

July 19, 2018

Today I would like to show you one of our bag production factory in Tokyo and briefly introduce the production procedures.

Entire recycled tire tube is big and heavy, so we need to cut them initially into smaller pieces for an easier handling in next steps. Recycled tire tube will undergo an inspection before adoption to ensure they’re in good quality to re-use. Due to the unique and original curved shape of tire tube, tire tube will have another rough cut out before the final pattern cut out.

  • SEAL Tire Tube Recycled
  • SEAL recycled tire tube bag production
  • SEAL recycled tire tube bag production

Compared to apparel’s fabric pattern cut out, recycled tire tube bag is taking more time & steps in preparation. However, you will know it’s totally worth to wait when you see the amazing final product.

SEAL recycled tire tube bag

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