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SEAL ARMY DUCK Weekender Boston bag (PS-191)


A strong Boston bag that carefully selects materials and manufacturing based on the concept of "can be used for 10 years". 

The main material is genuine "mil-spec" cotton that is stipulated by the American Federal Specification (FED) CCC-D-771A. It is often used as military supplies for the US Army. By weaving it with an ultra-high density than ordinary cotton duck, the firmness and stiffness are completely different. Furthermore, by applying paraffin processing, it is also waterproof and has a hard natural atmosphere. The bottom tire tube specification that can be placed without worrying about dirt. There is no problem even if it is placed directly on the ground. The capacity is about 45 liters, so you can use it safely for 3-4 night trips and camping. In addition, two independent pockets on the side are convenient for storing shoes, dirty items, or other items that need to be kept away from other items. This weekender/ARMY DUCK reduces CO2 by about 3150g per piece.



model number : PS-191
size : W520×H310×D280mm
capacity : 45 liters
weight : about 1500g
spec : Exterior: Zipper pocket x 1
: Exterior: Shoe storage x 1 (can store up to 34cm)
: Exterior: Free pocket x 1
: Interior: Free pocket x 2
: Interior: Zipper pocket x 1
: Interior: PC storage x 1 (buffer material)
material : Tire tube, genuine leather, ARMY DUCK (Mil-spec), Grimlock (Mil-spec)
Country of origin : Japan
guarantee : ※We will accept repairs free of charge for 10 years. (Scratches and stains on the appearance that do not affect the function are not covered by the warranty.)
CO2 reduction : about 3150g




Features - Recommended points of this product

"Boston bag that can be used for 10 years"

Strong Boston with carefully selected materials and construction based on the concept of "can be used for 10 years". The main material is genuine "mil-spec"

2 independent pockets

Two separate side pockets are convenient for storing shoes, dirty items and other items that need to be kept separate.


Suitable for trips of 3-4 nights

45 liter large capacity Boston. You can easily store luggage for 3 to 4 nights. The interior is equipped with a private zipper pocket and a PC storage with cushioning material.

Adopt Grimlock

Characteristic Grimlock on both sides. The push switch type opening and closing system allows you to expand the capacity further by opening and closing.

Firmly standing on its own quickly

Strong material that is useful for outdoor scenes and camping, bottom tire tube specifications that can be placed directly on the ground

Convenient accessory parts

Comes with original dial keys and shoulder pad. You can use it safely for travel and camping.

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