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Seal Sakosh bag expandable / BEATTEX night ride model (PS-152LU)


Item desciption

A night ride model of a sacoche bag equipped with extended functions.

Introducing a night ride model that makes traveling at night safer in the expandable model in the sacoche bag. The main compartment is equipped with an extension of about 6 cm, so even if you have more luggage, you can handle it without any problems. The front surface is made of a tire tube material that is both waterproof and impact resistant, and the back surface is made of a new material "BEATTEX" developed by Shinko Co., Ltd. Although it is thin, it can store A4 size, and it fits snugly on the body and is very easy to use even in an active environment. With a simple and easy-to-use design, it weighs only 450 grams. Due to the tire tube of the surface material, each item has a different expression, making it the only product in the world. This sacoche bag expandable reduces CO2 by about 420g per bag.


Model number : PS-152LU
Size (outside dimensions) : W330 × H230mm × D10 ~ 70mm
capacity : 1L ~ 4L
weight : Approximately 450g
spec : External: Zipper pocket x 2
: Internal: Open pocket x 2
material : Tire tube / Luminous fastener / Reflective material / BEATTEX / Leather
Country of origin : Japan
CO2 reduction : Approximately 420g


Features - Recommended points of this product

Shines smartly in the dark

A special fastener that uses "N Luminova", which has 10 times the normal afterglow brightness and initial brightness, makes bicycles and motorcycles at night safer.

Equipped with an expansion function of about 6 cm

The in-compartment is equipped with an extension of about 6 cm, so even if you have more luggage, you can handle it without any problems.

Newly developed material-BEATTEX Beattex-is used

Beattex is a tough nylon woven fabric developed from the tire cord that is the constituent material of tires. The tire cord is used for the pattern part of the tire and plays a role of improving stability.


Outstanding waterproof performance

Not only the tire tube is waterproof, but also BEATTEX is treated with Teflon to enable high water repellency.


Only 450 grams! !! Lightness of surprise! !!

An expandable model of the popular sacoche bag as a compact shoulder bag that you can easily carry on your back.


Thin gusset shoulder that fits your body

The body weighs an amazing 450 grams and has a thin gusset so it fits perfectly on your body. It fits around your body when riding a bicycle or in an active environment.

A4 size can also be stored

A4 size documents and this PET bottle can also be stored in the main body. A long wallet and a 7-inch tablet can be stored in the external pocket


Only one bag in the world

Since the tire tube, which is the surface material, is based on recycled materials, it is the only product in the world that has a different expression for each item.


Excellent durability!

The durability of the main body is outstanding, and it is perfect for carrying delicate belongings such as electronic devices and tablets.


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