About Recycling

January 19, 2018

Japan is a clean and eco-friendly country that is keen on recycling. Almost all of the Japanese has learned about 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) recycling concept in school. Japanese are sensitive and concerned about “recycling”. Supermarket has well-organized recycled bins in front of the building which allowing customers to recycle conveniently.

Besides, the country has a very systematic recycling and garbage disposal system for personal household waste disposal. In general, garbage are sorted in burnable, non-burnable, over-sized garbage, paper, plastic, PET bottle, cans and glass…etc. Designated garbage bags are classified into color and sold in supermarkets and convenience stores. 

Make sure to use the correct ones to pack related sorted garbage. You have to put sorted garbage out on the correct collections days. Every garbage types have its own collection schedule, dates and time. If you mess up with the colored bags or collection days, the garbage will be returned to you with a noticeable “refused” sticker pointed out your mistake.

Moreover, the garbage and recycle regulations are varies with prefecture and region. So if you were moved to other prefectures, then you have to learn a new garbage disposal systems.

The garbage and recycle system is much complicated than what you thought. However, trash-related issues could easily create troubles with your neighbors. To establish a comfortable and harmony neighborhood for both you and others in the community, it's important to follow local rules for trash collection.


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