City Explorers Journal – A day in Ushigome

November 16, 2017

Starting from now, our SEAL Team will share our city exploring journal in Japan, Hong Kong even around there world here with all our fans.

The first journal is about the experience in Ushigome Beach (牛込海岸), Kisarazu (木更津), Chiba. Ushigome is a beautiful beach located at Kisarazu city in Chiba. The seaside view here is absolutely stunning.

Our colleague walked around and took a lot of picture to record his amazing visit. He discovered some fishing nets and just wondered if there is any possibility to recycle them.

The wind is quite strong near the seaside and weather easy to change in September, so a bag with large capacity is very useful for carrying jacket, folding umbrella and other personal belongings at the same time. This time, our colleague have chosen the ultra-lightweight SEAL x Fujikura Parachute Backpack for his visit. Since this backpack is so light, you can just put whatever you want inside the bag without any burden. Another reason to pick this backpack is the uniqueness of the Parachute backpack.

See you next time. 

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