How to take care your SEAL bags

August 08, 2017

Your SEAL Bags are made of recycled tire tube from large vehicles and trucks. They're unique and durable which are designed to carry by you for years to come. 
We know that you may want to know how to take care your first SEAL bags. Here are some tips from us.

SEAL bag daily care tips 1
The appearance of white areas or other imperfections may be improved by wiping thoroughly with a wet cloth. Furthermore, you can apply silicone-based oil, such as tire polishing cleaner like those available at auto parts stores, and polish your SEAL product with a dry cloth. It will preserve your SEAL products a rich black and shiny look.

SEAL Bag daily care tips 2
As the properties of this material, the color may transfer from one to other objects or clothes. This issue most commonly happened with excessive rubbing in hot or humid conditions. In such cases, we recommended the following actions:

  • Hold the product in a different way to avoid direct rubbing.
  • Avoid using the product when wearing white or light color clothes.
  • Apply the color protection spray to reduce color fading.
  • SEAL daily care 3

    As this product is made from rubber, it may has a noticeable odor. Usually the odor is stronger initially and decreases over time. If you’re sensitive to the odor, it’s recommended to leave your SEAL products in a well-ventilated shady place to diffuse the smell.

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