Let’s build the “Mottainai” lifestyle now.

May 16, 2018


When you didn’t finish all the food on plate.

When you’re brushing teeth but leaving the tap running.

It’s a sunny weekend, but you don’t have any plan.

"もったいない(勿体無い)Mottainai" is one of the Japanese words that they use often, quite often.  "Mottainai" is a Japanese term which conveys a sense of regretting over waste.  The exclamation “Monttainai” can translate as "What a Waste" or "Don’t Waste".  It can be expressed when something useful, such as food or time, is being wasted.

Originally, "Mottainai" is an ancient Buddhist philosophy which deeply rooted in Japanese Culture for centuries, to have respect and not to waste the resources and to use them with a sense of gratitude.

Today, Mottainai is the best practices of the unique eco-culture of Japanese.  Mottainai reminds us that resources in our mother nature are limited.  "Mottainai" notion indicated that we should not throw away anything that might still have value and to reuse in some practical manner.  In Japan, you can see that wasted water reused to flush toilet and recycling habits is well-cultivated among Japanese populace.  You also can find vintage or second-hand shops for different products such as clothing, jewellery, camera, CD/DVD, books or other products easily in Japan.  Japanese people are treasuring their possessions, many reused items are in a good conditions to reuse or resell.

"Mottainai" is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and well-practised in society.  Thanks to Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2004) - Wangari Maathai, an accomplished political and environmental activist, introduces the concept of "Mottainai" as slogan for environmental protection.  "Mottainai" has come to be thought of as an all-encompassing Japanese term for the 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect and has been brought across the globe.  Pro. Maathai advocated this 4Rs concept and aim to create a more global environmental consciousness and ethical consumerism across the world.

"Mottainai" is a very powerful mindset which can help us to build an environmentally responsible society.  Let’s be reminded all the resource on the earth are limited and we should use them in a more effective and respectful way.

Before placing order in restaurant, please think how much you can eat.  Before making purchase, please think if you are really need it.  Before throwing something away, please consider if any opportunities to reuse it.  Let us adopted the Mottainai lifestyle in our own lives style and influence the others by actions.

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